Bomber Command


19 April 2022
Bomber Command by Gordon Wilson Bomber Command by Gordon Wilson

As part of the RAF, Bomber Command was responsible for degrading Germany’s war industry and, in time, turning to total war by bombing German cities. This is the story of that organisation, from the early days of WWI to the preparation for war in WWII, the global battle itself, and the subsequent Cold War. It’s organised into chapters covering organisation, squadrons, stations, aircraft and engines, aircrews, operations from 1939-1945 and then the Cold War years.

As you might gather, this means there is a lot of back and forth over the timeline, though it makes reading about any one aspect very easy. However, the narrative is very disjointed, with blocks of text about aircraft here and there, information panels on most of the pages. The leaden prose doesn’t help. So, while there is a lot of information here, covering everything to do with Bomber Command, it’s more a collection of notes rather than a coherent story.

  • Amberley
  • ISBN 978-1-4456-9093-3
  • 292 pages. Hardback. £20



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