Book Review: A Battle of Britain Spitfire Squadron


17 January 2020
The men and machines of 152 squadron in the summer of 1940 by Danny Burt

Although formed just before WWI ended, 152 Squadron was disbanded the following year and not reformed until October 1939. The following January, the Squadron started converting to flying Spitfires and, after some training, took up position at Warmwell in Dorset, to defend against the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Following a brief guide to 152 Squadron the main part of the book is a look at the stories of the pilots who flew and fought during the summer of 1940, complete with official records, logbook entries and personal flying reminisces.

• Frontline Books
• ISBN 978-1-4738-9996-4
• 286 pages • Hardback • £25

Get your copy of A Battle of Britain Spitfire Squadron by Danny Burt here!

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Reviewed in The Armourer February 2020 issue