Book Review: A Cruel Captivity


14 April 2020
By Ellie Taylor

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The subtitle of this moving book let’s you know what to expect: Prisoners of the Japanese, Their Ordeal and the Legacy. It tells the story of how British prisoners were captured, where they were sent and the ordeal they were put through. As well as highlighting just how barbaric the Japanese were this book explains how it affected those who survived. Young men who survived the horrific conditions, but then couldn’t cope or adjust to life as a civilian later. Even to the smallest things like not having rice in the house, or insisting children ate everything on their plate. It’s a sobering but important read.

• Pen and Sword
• ISBN 978-1-5267-3261-3
• 212 pages • Hardback • £19.99

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Reviewed in The Armourer April 2020 issue