Book Review: A Guide to Hitler’s Munich


22 January 2020
A book by David Mathieson

Munich is an attractive city today, but in the 1930s it was the centre of operations for Hitler and the National Socialist Party as they consolidated power and started to take Germany down a path that led to ruin. This then, is both a guide to the formative years of the Nazi party in Munich, and also the places of historical importance in the city. Many have been demolished, but there are still beer cellars and meeting halls that can be visited. It’s a fascinating look at the early years of the NSDAP in Munich.

• Pen and Sword
• ISBN 978-1-5267-2733-6
• 204 pages • Hardback • £19.99

Get your copy of A Guide to Hitler’s Munich by David Mathieson here!

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Reviewed in The Armourer February 2020 issue