Book Review: Airmen of Arnhem


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15 January 2020
A book by Martin W Bowman

Just when you thought that the glut of Arnhem books was over and done with, here’s a belated entry, covering the men who flew the planes and gliders, taking in the troops, equipment and supplies. 

During Operation Market, the air-based part of the plan, 4,050 aircraft took part in 10 Allied lifts, usually in dismal weather conditions that played havoc with the Operation's timetable. This book covers the history of the operations then takes a look at the people who took part in them, from being billeted in England to action in the skies over Holland.

• Pen and Sword
• ISBN 978-1-5267-4611-5
• 334 pages • Hardback • £25

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Reviewed in The Armourer February 2020 issue