Book Review: Arnham 1944: The Airborne Battle


26 June 2018
arnhem_1944-98843.jpg arnham_1944
Explaining what the point of the operation was...

Author: Martin Middlebrook

Reviewed by: Duncan Evans

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This is a chunky book, over 500 pages long, that explains what the point of the operation was, the build up and then the fighting. What’s good about it is that as the action is explained it is copiously interspersed with commentary from the diaries and memoirs of the soldiers who were fighting – from mainly a British perspective. There are telling comments from soldiers when things go wrong, though there are times when the author tells us about how many accounts he has of this or that action, which disrupts the narrative flow. Afterwards some soldiers were happy to talk about the experience, while others never wanted to mention it again. Also, spare a thought for the Dutch civilians, as they were unceremoniously cleared from Arnhem after the battle so the Germans could fortify the bridge locations.

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As reviewed in The Armourer August 2018


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