Book review: D-Day Cover Up at Pointe Du Hoc


16 April 2019
Subtitled The History of the 2nd & 5th US Army Rangers 1st May-10th June1944, Gary Sterne presents this essential second volume.


Reviewed by: Duncan Evans


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Subtitled The History of the 2nd & 5th US Army Rangers 1st May-10th June1944, Gary Sterne presents this essential second volume. This continues on from volume one as the Rangers prepare for their place in history as D-Day fast approaches. The story takes you through their mission-specific intensive training, working closely with the British Commandos and Royal Navy as the men slog their way through cliff climbing, assault landing exercises along with the laborious daily task of detailed weapons drill.


It was just a small fraction of the blood, sweat and tears which would determine the unit’s success during Operation Overlord.

It is a sad fact that despite all of the intensive training and sheer determination and heroism displayed by the Rangers, they did not succeed in securing all of the objectives they were given during the Overlord operation. Serious failures in leadership and the cover-ups that ensued are all expertly revealed in the author's gripping narrative of the events as they unfolded. The Rangers post-action reports are also revealed, in combination with those of the units who had fought alongside them as they battled for their objectives. This volume is hugely complemented with the testimonials of the men involved and it all makes for some excellent reading.

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Also included are details on the medal awards to the Rangers for their extreme heroism. Lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs, secret documents - many of which are appearing in print for the first time, and highly detailed maps, this is a work which takes the reader on an unforgettable journey of hope, horror, honour and dogged heroism. This all adds up to what is the most comprehensive history to date on the Pointe Du Hoc battle, replacing assumption and theory with hard fact. It all adds to a work which has become something of an historical game changer. The author has my unreserved admiration as it is perfectly clear just how much time and effort, he has invested into this volume which completes the story of the 2nd and 5th US Army Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc.


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• Pen & Sword

• 1,160 pages • Hardback
• £40


As reviewed in The Armourer May 2019. 


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