Book Review: Ghost Patrol


10 April 2020
By John Sadler

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Here’s another look at the LRDG, with more detail than the War Behind Enemy Lines release as it includes some unpublished first hand material, alongside the commonly quoted material from LRDG regulars. It largely covers the formation of the LRDG and covers activities through WWII but does so in a fairly self-indulgent and tiresome fashion. For every section of prose that entertains and informs, there’s another that doesn’t. Stuffing notes at the end of each chapter, some pointless poetry and the questionable typography don’t help. Interesting in places, but not the best.

• Casemate Publishers
• ISBN 978-1-6120-0842-4
• 292 pages • Paperback • £16.99

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Reviewed in The Armourer April 2020 issue

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