Book Review: In Hitler's Shadow


04 June 2018
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Winner of the July 2018 Editor's Choice

Author: Tim Heath

Reviewed by: Duncan Evans 

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This is Tim’s follow up to Hitler’s Girls and offers both more stories of the life of BDM girls under the yoke of National Socialism, and also the end of the regime and the chaos that followed. There’s no real chronology, with a chapter on the misery of life in East Germany, post-1945 being followed by stories of illicit relations of the BDM girls and Hitler Youth boys in the early years of the war. What is good is that the narrative sets the scenes up and then allows the women’s voices to be heard, as they recount stories of hope and horror, as the Soviet troops raped and murdered their way through the population of Berlin. 
It’s also interesting to hear how the leaders of the Reich exhorted total obedience to the cause, while themselves had mistresses on the side. And to hear the women discuss their part in a regime that caused such a massive loss of life. These are very personal stories, from the people who were there.

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220 pages • Hardback • £19.99

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As reviewed in The Armourer July 2018


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