Book Review: Lys Offensive April 1918


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23 September 2018
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By the Spring of 1918 the British and French armies were lacking in manpower

Author: Andrew Rawson

Reviewed by: Duncan Evans

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By the Spring on 1918 the British and French armies were lacking in manpower and large numbers of American forces were yet to arrive. However, in the East, the Russians had sued for peace. The result was the freeing up of over 200,000 German troops which were dispatched to Western Front. After years of stalemate the Germans finally had the manpower to go on the offensive. This, then, is an account of the Lys Offensive, with battle on the Lys plain and around Mount Kemmel. The fighting for the First and Second Armies became so desperate that Field Marshall Haig issued a ‘backs to the wall’ order while GHQ scrambled around throwing every available reserve to try to stop the tide.
The book features 50 maps making the strategic flow easier to follow. In amongst the overall view of the action there’s still time to recall individual acts of heroism and the bravery of the BEF soldiers, who stopped the Germans.

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• 208 pages • Hardback • £19.99

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As reviewed in The Armourer November 2018


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