Book Review: Panzers in Berlin 1945


19 December 2019
Authors: Lee Archer/Robert Kraska/Mario Lippert

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Editor’s Choice
It’s always nice to come across a book that is clearly a labour of love by its authors, here with a magnificently produced guide to the armour used in the final defence of Berlin. This is the story of each armoured division as it was sent here and there, gradually being worn down, until all the vehicles or men were gone. Then there’s the copious photography, many of which have never been previously published, and the insightful captions explaining why that model was there, modifications and what kind of damage it had been hit with.
There’s a map of old Berlin, showing the locations of the wrecks and, on the pages of many of the tank hulls, there’s a QR code. Scan these with your phone and a photo of that location how it is today appears. Add to all this, the lavish production standards and you have a fantastic piece of armour-based history, a treat for any militaria enthusiast.

• Panzerwreck Publishing 
• ISBN 978-1-9080-3216-4
• 396 pages • HardbacK • £59.95

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Reviewed in The Armourer February 2020 issue