Book Review: SS Panzer Divisions on the Eastern Front


29 June 2018
ss_panzer_divisions-88780.jpg ss_panzer_divisions
The latest in the Images of War series

Author: Bob Carruthers

Reviewed by: Duncan Evans

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The latest in the Images of War series takes us on a photographic journey with the SS Panzer divisions on the Eastern Front. There’s a tendency to glorify the SS Panzer divisions so it’s good to see that the author makes clear that while they performed well militarily, their reputations are forever sullied by the war crimes they committed. Anyway, it starts with the launch of Operation Barbarossa, battling through the Ukraine and into Russia. Soon though, the summer fields of crops give way to the frozen steppes and the fighting turned into a brutal cycle of kill or be killed. After a short introduction, it’s photos and captions all the way, as the Panzer divisions were pushed back or withdrawn and reassigned. There are a number of photos from the fighting at Kursk that are of particular interest. It’s another must-have book in Pen & Sword’s highly collectable image book series.

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• 146 pages • Softback • £14.99

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As reviewed in The Armourer August 2018


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