Book Review: The Arisaka Rifle


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15 January 2020
A book by Bill Harriman

This is No. 70 in Osprey’s Weapon series, covering the Japanese Arisaka family of bolt-action rifles, including Type 99 that was issued to troop in the Pacific campaign. It follows the format of talking about the development, its use and impact on the battlefield. There are plenty of colour illustrations showing the rifles and their ammunition, plus specially commissioned artwork pieces and charts showing it stacked up against contemporary rivals. For WWII it’s compared to the Lee Enfield, Kar 98, Mosin Nagent M1891 and others. There are also cutaway illustrations and examples of the accessories it used.

• Osprey Publishing
• ISBN 978-1-4728-1612-2
• 82 pages • Softcover • £13.99


Get your copy of The Arisaka Rifle by Bill Harriman here!


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Reviewed in The Armourer February 2020 issue