Book Review: The Battle that Won the War: Bellenglise


29 June 2018
bellenglise-43768.jpg bellenglise
Breaching the Hindenburg Line 1918

Author: Peter Rostron

Reviewed by: Duncan Evans

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This title, with the very long name, chronicles the conflict during the last year of WWI. After the German Spring offensive ran out of steam, the Allied forces counterattacked and, learning the lessons of four years of stalemate, managed to breach the Hindenburg Line. It was the use of proper planning and combined arms attacks that finally paid dividends.

The book takes you through the initial political and army organisation before the plans for the counteroffensive. It picks up pace when the firing starts, interspersing diary comments from the combatants with the narrative. The photo plate section in the middle has some fantastic images of massed troops crossing canals and bridges.

Within five weeks of breaching the Line, the war was all over.

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• 190 pages • Hardback • £19.95


As reviewed in The Armourer August 2018


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