Book Review: The Duke of York’s Flanders Campaign 


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05 February 2020
When revolution broke out in France it was the other European monarchs who were most concerned, mainly for their own positions.

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As a result, a coalition of Britain, Austria, Prussia and Spain ganged up to put the plebeian masses in their place. Except that the Duke of York’s efforts in Flanders for Britain turned into a complete disaster. This whopping and interesting book tells the story, but also touches on the implications it had around the world. A final, unintended consequence was that a junior office under the Duke of York learned how not to carry out a military campaign – something Arthur Wellesley would consequently put to good use when he faced Napoleon Bonaparte.

• Frontline Books
• ISBN 978-1-5267-4269-8
• 388 pages • Hardback • £25

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By Steve Brown

Reviewed in The Armourer March 2020 issue!

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