Book Review: Through Adversity


20 April 2020
By Alastair Goodrum

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Subtitled The Story of Life in the RFC and RAF Through Three Operational Pilots, this is 100 years of the RAF as seen through the eyes of the pilots. The three fought in WWI, WWII and took part in the Cold War respectively, so their stories – and they could pretty much have been anyone – cover an incredible amount of technological change. In some respects the stories themselves aren’t that notable, although Dickie Barwell flew with Bader’s wing in the Battle of Britain, but it’s the routine and change that are apparent as the years go by. It makes for a gripping look at the development of the RAF, but from the inside.

• Amberley Books
• ISBN 978-1-4456-9545-7
• 292 pages • Hardback • £20

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Reviewed in The Armourer April 2020 issue

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