Book Review: US Army Vehicle Markings 1944 


09 February 2020
Whether you’re involved in restoring WWII American vehicles, are a miniatures modeller or just want to research WWII photos this is the book for you.

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It covers everything from tanks to jeeps, halftracks to trucks and sets out how they were organised and labelled. There are copious charts showing equipment dispensation to various units and where there are contemporary photos, the identifying marks have been pulled out so they can be identified. It’s not one for casual browsers, but if you’re after this kind of information it’s an invaluable guide.

• Casemate Publishers
• ISBN 978-1-6120-0737-3
• 148 pages • Hardback • £29.99

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By Jean Bouchery and Philippe Charbonnier

Reviewed in The Armourer March 2020 issue

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