Book review: US Marine vs German Soldier


15 April 2019
We’re off to Belleau Wood in 1918 for this Combat 32 series title from Osprey.


Reviewed by: Duncan Evans 


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We’re off to Belleau Wood in 1918 for this Combat 32 series title from Osprey. This was the first major action for the US 4th Marine Brigade, fresh off the boat from America and up against veteran, but war-weary, German defenders.


First up is an overview of each side in the battle, with organisation and tactics discussed, as well as leadership and communications. Then we have the full colour profile of each soldier, showing their uniform and weaponry.


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Next it’s time to get in on the action, as the Marines made up for their tactical naivety with fierce determination. The tactical maps are interspersed with period photos showing the troops going into action. The battle is basically split into three sections, with an analysis and aftermath explaining what the ramifications were for both sides. As usual, this is a concise but well-illustrated guide to a key battle and the troops that fought it.


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• Osprey Publishing

• 82 pages • Softback • £12.99


As reviewed in The Armourer April 2019



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