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07 February 2020
The subtitle of this slender tome, A Story of Invasion, Uprising and Conflict, will give you some idea of what to expect as the author gallops through 2,000 years of Yorkshire history.

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It covers prehistoric times, Romans, Germanic peoples, Vikings, Normans and the tyranny of kings in the Middle Ages. Plenty of locations are mentioned, so would be tourists can get some ideas for places to visit. The narrative even gets as far as WWI and II but is given such a cursory treatment it was barely worth bothering. That, in fact, is the main criticism. The book is far too short to tackle such a wide range of history.

• Pen and Sword
• ISBN 978-1-5267-5255-0
• 130 pages.• Softcover • £12.99

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By Paul C. Levitt

Reviewed in The Armourer March 2020 issue

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