Britain’s Airborne Forces of WWII


21 July 2021
Mark Magreehan examines the uniforms and equipment of the Airborne forces.

An interesting foray into the uniforms and equipment of the airborne forces here, which is the subheading for the book. Rather than just trot out the equipment, this is the more rounded story of the use of British paratroopers throughout the war, with colour images of the kit they used backing up each section. As such you can see the progression from the early days in North Africa to the fiasco at Arnhem and later battles in Greece, the Baltic and the Far East. Contemporary photos in black and white show the troops ready for action – some of these are over compressed so the quality is poorer than it should be.

However, this is compensated for by the gear photos in colour, which makes the book ideal for collectors. With excellent paper quality it makes for a very good guide to collecting the Airborne forces.

  • Frontline Books
  • ISBN 978-1-5267-7946-5
  • 166 pages. Hardback. £25



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