07 January 2022

Part of the Great Battle series, this time we’re off to the heather and boggy moors outside Inverness and the Battle of Culloden. Originally published in 2016, this Folio Society edition comes in a black slipcase with snazzy artwork on the quality cover. It’s a slender, small format volume, with paper that suits text, but isn’t good for photo reproduction.

What you have is a retelling of the battle and a placing of it in the evolving British society. There are also a couple of colour plate sections with a range of artworks and photos. That’s the good news, the bad is that the author brings not only an academic approach but also revels in some of the worst purple prose I’ve ever seen in a history book. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been done better everywhere else and with considerably less pomposity.

  • Folio Society
  • 190 pages. Hardback. £39.95



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