German Army Uniforms of WWII


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23 April 2021
By Stephen Bull

The subtitle of A Photographic Guide to Clothing, Insignia and Kit, expands the remit of what the title promises because, in fact, it covers far more ground than just uniforms. Firstly, this is all about the Heer, so forget about the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe, but also the Waffen-SS. The first chapters cover uniforms and headgear, as the title suggests, but after that it’s personal equipment, small arms, support weapons, special clothing and equipment and a brief look at Heer medals and awards. The uniform side shows the evolution of clothing as the war progressed and has details on rank insignia with some good photographs to back this up. The illustrations from 1943 of officer’s uniforms could have done with being bigger though.

The text is detailed and authoritative, but there’s the feeling that just too much has been squashed in so that there aren’t enough photographs in some areas. Consider this a worthy, but introductory, text to the German Army.

  • Osprey Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-4728-3806-3
  • 260 pages. Hardback. £35



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