German Mountain Troops 1939-42


26 May 2021
By Yves Béraud

Being a Casemate Illustrated book you’d be right to expect a lot of photos, and there are, but what does come as a surprise is how many are in colour. It’s a look at the early years of the elite Mountain Troops, and their actions in Poland, Norway, France, the Balkans and Crete, the Eastern Front and then Norway and Findland. There are profiles on a few of the main characters and while there is an organisation chart, this is more about their service, rather than a look at the uniforms and weapons. It’s not a big book, so the pace fairly races along and it serves as an interesting primer for this branch of the Wehrmacht.

  • Casemate Illustrated
  • ISBN 978-1-6120-0910-0
  • 130 pages. Softcover. £19.99



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