Infantry Die Hards: The Anatomy of a Regiment


19 January 2021
Patrick Crowley takes a look at the Princes of Wales’s Royal Regiment, ‘The Tigers’.

A whopping book next that deals with stories from the potted history of The Princes of Wales’s Royal Regiment, ‘The Tigers’, and its forbearers. There are 14 stories, backed up with maps, insignia, illustrations, paintings and photos, much of it in colour. While the nickname of the Regiment is ‘The Tigers’ there is only one example of the soldiers actually having a real one as a mascot. This was a Bengal Tiger called Plassey, after the battle in India in 1757. On the Regiment’s return from India they brought Plassey with them and it roamed around the barracks in Dover.

The stories range from Tangiers in 1622 to Afghanistan and Iraq, covering the Peninsular War, Crimean War, 19th century Afghanistan, WWI, WWII and Northern Ireland in between. While the design and layout is pretty poor, there’s an awful lot of material here and all the profits go to Regimental Benevolence, so it’s all for a good cause.

  • Pooley Sword Ltd
  • ISBN 978-1-8433-6319-4
  • 486 pages. Hardback. £30



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