Messerschmitt Me 262


15 December 2022

The subtitle of this large format book is Development & Politics as it attempts to explain why the jet fighter began as a design concept in 1938 but only appeared in the skies in 1944. Even then it was in such limited numbers that it failed to alter the course of the war, despite being the scourge of USAAF bombers when it did appear. Dan Sharp takes you through the technical development of this incredible fighter as well as what was going on in the German Air Ministry and Hitler’s inner circle. There are photos, illustrations and technical drawings that show just how advanced the Me 262 was. If Germany had been able to get the Me 262 into combat a couple of years earlier, the Allied bombing campaign would have run into serious trouble.


  • Tempest Books
  • ISBN 978-1-9116-5827-6
  • 328 pages * Hardback * £30



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