RAF and USAAF Airfields in the UK


17 August 2022

At over 600 pages, this guide to WWII airfields was a labour of love for Geoff Mills, who sadly didn’t live to see its publication. Daniel Knowles helped finish it off. What you get is the airfield name, its location and present use, the type of infrastructure, its story insomuch as it’s known, and a list of the Squadrons who flew there. This delivers an enormous amount of information for anyone interested in the sites. They are ordered by name, which means geographically linked sites can be separated by hundreds of pages and there’s no county by county summary or map. Another issue is that some sites which are now WWII airfield museums have nothing other than the word ‘museum’ to say that they exist and are worth visiting now. Great production standards and a worthy guide though.

  • Fonthill Media
  • ISBN 978-1-7815-5837-9
  • 662 pages. Hardback. £50



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