The Aircraft Carrier Hiryu


23 September 2022

Part of the Anatomy of the Ship series, this is a hefty, glossy look at the Japanese aircraft carrier of WWII. It starts with a look at the technical specifications from the deck to propulsion and then includes a history of notable actions. Section 2 is all about primary views, consisting of both rendered CGI images and blueprints. The advantage of having modelled the carrier is that the camera can be placed in various positions to create images showing off the details.

The format is slightly wider than high, but when opened out creates a widescreen format that is fully exploited. The third section shows individual parts of the ship in even greater detail, with cutaway sections showing storage, superstructure, guns and engines. An excellent and detailed guide.

  • Osprey Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-4728-4026-4
  • 340 pages. Hardback. £45



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