The Battle of Stalingrad through German Eyes


19 October 2022

The meat grinder of Stalingrad and the destruction of the German Sixth Army is well enough known, but here Jonathan Trigg tries to offer a new perspective by asking the question as to whether this was the turning point of the war in the East, or was that Kursk?

It’s really just a smokescreen because the real story is, as the title suggests, the letters and comments from the German’s who fought there. They reveal not only the unfolding disaster, but also how their enemy kept funnelling men into the ruined city, all while the devastating counter-offensive was being built up. There are some fresh insights and it’s fascinating reading.

  • Amberley Books
  • ISBN 978-1-3981-1071-7
  • 324 pages. Hardback. £20



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