The Complete Knight’s Cross Vol. 1


19 August 2021
Kevin Brazier takes a look at the winners of the Knight's Cross in this first volume of three.

The first volume of three, this is subtitled, The Years of Victory 1939-1941, which means you get awardees numbers one to 1,267. The awards are listed in order of when they were bestowed with details for each recipient including rank and name, the reason why they got the award and what happened to them. Whether that was as a casualty or living into retirement.

The write ups also include interesting stories and bits of information about the recipient and whether any further awards were added to the one listed, such as Oak Leaves, Swords, Diamonds and the Golden award. These are fascinating and serve both as useful research and prompts to find out more about the person. The middle part of the book has photos of the awardees, mostly in uniform, as well as, and rather pointlessly, their graves. It’s going to be an expensive set of three books to collect, but for those interested in winners of the Knight’s Cross, surely an essential one.

  • Fonthill Media
  • ISBN 978-1-7815-5781-5
  • 412 pages. Hardback. £36



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