The History of the Panzerjäger Vol 2


02 March 2021

While the German Panzers of WWII get all the glory and attention it was the Panzerjäger that had the job of destroying enemy armour. The tank destroyer force was equipped with towed and self propelled guns that could take out anything on the battlefield. In this second Volume, taking us from Stalingrad to Berlin in 1943-45, Thomas Anderson details the various types of gun as they evolved from use on the Eastern Front, in North Africa and then at Kursk and on the defensive.

As well as the technical specifications of the various guns produced, there are copious photos of them in action, and a number of fascinating experimental vehicles that never got into production. There are also strategy notes from the battlefield commanders and comments on how effective they were. For students of German WWII armour, it’s an essential read.

  • Osprey Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-4728-3684-7
  • 292 pages. Hardback. £30



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