The Medieval Knight


19 January 2021
The daily life and cost of being a knight in the middle ages, by Christopher Gravett.

A square format and very glossy look at rise and demise of the chivalrous knight as Britain became a feudal society after 1066. The books covers political organisation, training, armour and weapons (with some excellent photos of those in collections today), the myth or otherwise of chivalry, campaigning and battle.

One revelation is that the sheer cost of being a knight – the ceremony, horse, armour and followers - meant that many of those destined for that rank chose to avoid it completely. Individual chapters show how the arms and armour of the typical changed over time, becoming increasingly heavy until firearms consigned plate armour to the history books. Informative and excellent value.

  • Osprey Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-4728-4356-2
  • 196 pages. Hardback. £12.99



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