The United States Navy in WWII


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11 February 2022
The US Navy in World War II The US Navy in World War II

A hefty, glossy book here, showing the development of the US Navy through WWII. It makes clear the overall strategy for the war and the plans to build two fleets, one for the Atlantic, one of the Pacific. It all starts with Pearl Harbor but rapidly moves through the history of WWII so that you can get into the specifics of the ship types. These include carriers, battleships, heavy and light cruisers, destroyers and submarines.

There are contemporary photos, statistics and illustrations. What really comes across is the sheer quality of the ships and their equipment, especially for the ones built during WWII. However, US submarines started badly but ended up becoming the most deadly component of the Navy. It’s a high quality, interesting look at the US Navy of WWII.

  • Osprey Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-4728-4804-8
  • 308 pages. Hardback. £30



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