August/September 2015

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On Sale: 31 Jul 2015

  • ASK THE EXPERT - Bill Harriman, a professional member of the Forensic Science Society and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, answers your questions
  • UNCONSIDERED TRIFLES - This issue Bill Harriman covers a German veteran’s schnapps flask, c.1935
  • ALLEZ, MESSIEURS - Duncan Noble leads the way through the macabre Dance of Death of the sword duel
  • The Military Train 1857-59 (Part II) - An unusual cavalry regiment in the Indian Mutiny By Peter Duckers
  • ARMS, ARMOUR AND GOSSIP - Galerie Fischer provides an outlook on some habits and their effects on the market
  • REMINGTON MODEL 1871 50-70 ROLLING BLOCK - ‘Locking-Action’ By Guy and Leonard A-R-West FHBSA
  • BAYONET BYTES NO.15 - Part 2: ‘... The nearest run thing you ever saw in your life …’  The Battle of Waterloo 18 June 1815 – Firearms and Bayonets by Graham Priest
  • THE CONYERS, A DYNASTY OF GUNMAKERS - At Blandford Forum, Dorset Part 2 by Arthur Credland
  • THE MAUSER 98 AZ CARBINE - Germany’s short rifle of World War I By Bill Harriman
  • BURROW MUMP: - A War Memorial with a Difference By John Norris