Feb/Mar 2016

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Ask the Expert

Bill Harriman, a professional member of the Forensic Science Society and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, answers your questions 

The Turky Sword

Duncan Noble (Gaelic Donachadh Uasal) a Gaelic speaker with a Norman-French surname) examines the evidence for that rarest of Highland weapons, the curved  bladed Turky sword (Gaelic An Claidheamh Turcaidh)

The Nine Rifles from Ras Birru’s House

By Robert Wilsey 

Bill Harriman’s Unconsidered Trifles

The early ‘Rocket men’:

Tipu Sultan, Congreve and Hale. By George Prescott

The Ephemeral Fucili Da Fanteria

A Retrocarica ‘Carcano’ 

Part 2 By Guy and Leonard A-R-West FHBSA

Bayonet Bytes No.17

Bayonet manufacture by Graham Priest

Turner Rifle

By Bill Harriman

Wender Wonders

Turnover pistols over the years. By Richard Garrett

Book Reviews
Bill Harriman and the team guide you through a range of the latest historical literature

Plus much more..