October/November 2015

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On Sale: 25 Sep 2015

Packed into the October/November 2015 issue of Classic Arms & Militaria this month -

ASK THE EXPERT - Bill Harriman, a professional member of the Forensic Science Society and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, answers your questions

Bill Harriman’s UNCONSIDERED TRIFLES - A sectioned Anson and Deeley action shotgun

Gothic HILTED SWORD - Duncan Noble continues with more unusual examples of that most beautiful sword

THE BATTLE Agincourt - Henry V and the Hundred Years War. By Gerald Prenderghast

The English Longbow: Better than a musket? By George Prescott

The Law Commission - Scoping Consultation on Firearms Law By Bill Harriman

Bayonet Bytes No.15 - Part 3: ‘... The nearest run thing you ever saw in your life …’ The Battle of Waterloo 18 June 1815 – Tactics

Target Pistols - The Road to Olympic Recognition By Richard Garrett

The Petersberg Citadel: Roy Stevenson tours the Erfurt Fortress Military Museum and Rampart Tunnels

Early Corke City Gunmakers - By David Stroud

Plus much more!