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On Sale: 25/03/2020

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LIMITED REPRINT RUN - Due to high popularity for those looking to complete their collection, we have digitally reprinted a limited amount of Iron Cross issues 2, 3 and now 4!

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Inside Issue 4 of Iron Cross:Undefeated in the Air?
In 1923 a book called ‘Undefeated in the Air’ featured heroic tales of an apparently unbeaten German Air Force in the First World War. But had the German Air Force really been
undefeated when the war ended, and was the story any different to that of the German
Army? We examine the facts.

Boy to Man
A Hitler Youth member, who later joined the Waffen-SS, gives Iron Cross a fascinating and brutally frank interview about his dramatic and often unsettling wartime experiences and shows us his wartime souvenirs.

Condor’s Prey
In 1940, a Luftwaffe Focke Wulf 200 Condor and a Kriegsmarine U-Boat jointly sank the British liner Empress of Britain in what was a significant victory for German forces and a serious blow to the British.

The Thinking Soldier
The uniquely ‘German’ leadership concept of Auftragstaktik and its impact on battlefield success is explored in this fascinating feature where we examine the degrees of independence vested upon individual junior officers and NCOs.

Archaeology on the Nordfront
In our regular series on conflict archaeology we are taken to explore the bleak battlefields of Finland with some fascinating finds which help tell the story of this almost forgotten theatre of war.

The Iron Cross 2nd Class Reappraised
Much misunderstood, and perhaps much undervalued by collectors, the Iron Cross 2nd Class of 1914 often has a surprising tale of extreme courage attached – courage which was very far from second class! 

Iron Cherry Blossom
Often obscured by myth and legend, the first engagement between American and German troops at Seicheprey in April 1918 is examined in detail. We reveal the truth of what really happened in that first clash of arms.

Pulp Fiction
The War Library of German Youth was a weekly wartime publication aimed at Hitler Youth boys and told propaganda tales of derring-do, mostly fiction, encouraging recruitment to the various service arms. We reveal the story of these colourful little booklets.

On sale 25 March 2020

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