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On Sale: 24/06/2020

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In Different Skies:
Within the Luftwaffe they were commonly known as the ‘Eisgrauen’, the ‘ice-greys’, airmen who had fought with distinction in the skies of the First World War and who went on to fly combat missions in the Second World War. In ‘Different Skies’, German military historian Robin Schäfer tells their story.  

Tired Queen of all Arms:
As a war of attrition wore down the German Army during the fighting on the Eastern Front during the Second World War, so the Wehrmacht suffered from what became known as the ‘Infantry Crisis’, as Dr. Adrian Wettstein explains. 
The Rise of the Stormtrooper:
The story of Germany’s feared assault troops and their intriguing development  during the Great War is explored by Dr. Bruce Gudmundsson.
Victory Confirmed:
Due to a chance discovery of the wreck of a submarine in the North Sea, Chris Goss can draw the line under its disappearance and identifies the Luftwaffe crew who sank it.

Military Miniatures:
Our scale modelling expert, Preston Stinger, takes us through the forgotten story of a fascinating armoured vehicle which never quite left the drawing board. 

Conflict Archaeology:
In this installment of our popular series, a we follow a UK-based team as it explores, examines and records the archaeology of German V-1 and V-2 missiles in Britain. 

Collecting Militaria: An astonishing story of ‘investigative journalism’ reveals how during the First World War a German watchmaker tried to market cheap and substandard watches to German troops in the field. 
Of Royalty and Nobility:
The relationship between the German military and the German nobility is examined by Giles MacDonogh, who reveals its often uncomfortable and strained nature. 
Objects in Focus:
A close look at the fascinating story behind the original Albatros D.Va fighter in the collection of the Australian War Memorial is explored by Dr. Aaron Pegram, who for the first time also reveals details about its former pilot. 
Unlocking History:
A new series which illuminates the hidden history behind items in private militaria collections, unlocking stories unknown, unexplored and untold. 

Snow, Blood and Edelweiss:
The remarkable history of the German Alpine troops of the First World War, the famous Alpenkorps, is brought to us by German historian Dr. Immanuel Voigt who examines in detail the legend and the myth of these pioneering soldiers. 

Fact File:
A easy guide through the colourful but confusing world of Luftwaffe tactical markings, emblems and colours. 

Souvenirs of War:
A very unusual souvenir from the German home front of the First World War.

Photo Album:
A look through a photo album of a junior officer of Rommel’s 7. Panzer-Division as it raced through France in the Spring of 1940. 

On sale 24/06/2020

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