Iron Cross - Issue 12

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WESPENGESCHWADER: the remarkable story of the Luftwaffe’s famous ‘Wasp Squadron’ in the Battle of Britain, Russia and Mediterranean.

On Sale: 30/03/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Unique content includes our cover story: a photographic account of the Luftwaffe’s ‘Wasp Squadron, an extremely detailed look at the story of the ‘Channel Dash’ from both German and British perspectives, a biographical look at Ernst Jünger the soldier author who penned ‘Storm of Steel’, the grim story of Ernst Haber’s ‘invention’ of chemical warfare, the account of the odious Oskar Direlewanger’s last stand and a look at a remarkable war film ‘It Happened Here’. We also feature detailed coverage of the excavation of a Messerschmitt 410 wreck and unlock the mystery of a strange weapon fitted in the tail of German bombers. 

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