The Armourer - April 2022

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Read the story of the Battle for Berlin as the Red Army takes the German capital, street by street, in bitter fighting.

On Sale: 01/03/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Cover – The Battle for Berlin. It’s the end of the Third Reich as the Red Army storms Berlin and the German forces disintegrate. Here’s the story from fighting on the River Oder and Seelow Heights to battles in the streets.
ATS at war – The role of women in the British Army of WWII, taking roles to free up manpower for the front line.
Dawn of war photography – How the camera came to record the action on the battlefield.
Regimental insignia 1751 to 1914 – A guide to the badges of the Royal Scots.
Nelson’s Surgeons – The equipment and practices of those saving life and limb at sea.
Dunbar 1650 medal – The first real campaign medal for defeating the Scots at Dunbar.
Hitler’s night guard pistol – It drew huge interest at auction, but was this customised pistol really from Hitler’s bunker?
Saxon army of Alfred the Great – The composition of forces that had to defend against Viking incursions.
Silent but deadly – A look at the M3 Grease Gun that was fitted with a silencer.
Photo Inspector – Examining the uniform and insignia in old photos.
Collecting the battle – The collectable items from the forces engaged in the desperate fighting in Berlin.

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