The Armourer - August 2022

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The Greatest Raid. How the Royal Navy and Commando forces destroyed the dry dock and port facilities at St Nazaire in an absolutely astonishing feat of arms.

On Sale: 01/07/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Cover – The Greatest Raid. It sounds like a boy’s own adventure but the reality was a dangerous assault on a key Nazi port in occupied France. 
SS Wiking – The Waffen-SS Division that was formed with Dutch and Scandinavian volunteers and fought all over the Eastern Front.
Navigation in the Age of Sail – Discover how those ancient mariners managed to navigate the endless oceans and then collect the instruments used.
Warsaw Pact webbing – Next in the series on accoutrements of the Cold War, this month looking at the small army of Bulgaria.
Murder on the Home Front – The first in a new series on crime in WWII takes a look at the shocking murders in Britain during the Blackout and Blitz.
The Toski medal and clasp – A look at the award from 1887 for fighting in the Sudan.
Rations of WWII – An army marches on its stomach, but some of these rations wouldn’t have got them very far.
Collecting spent brass – The shell cases of a 40mm QF Mark VIII AA gun come under scrutiny.
Collecting the Greatest Raid – What you can find on the collecting market today to commemorate the daring Commando and Royal Navy raid.
Gilbert Blane medal – An award for Royal Navy surgeons and their dedication to advancing the treatment of sailors.
American Landing Craft – How the troops and equipment got ashore for beach-based assaults.
French Army in the Crimea – The makeup and organisation of the French forces in the Crimean War.
The Photo Inspector – More uniform examinations, this time for an officer of the Queen’s City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteer Brigade. 

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