The Armourer - December 2021

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War was inevitable so the Japanese decided to get the first blow in. Discover the background that led to the strike on Pearl Harbor and the attempt to destroy the US Pacific fleet in WWII

On Sale: 02/11/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Cover – Pearl Harbor. The dramatic raid on the US Pacific fleet
Collecting militaria from the US Navy and Japanese Navy Air Force
Canadian 51 Pattern Webbing – more Cold War accoutrements
The Khartoum siege medal – awarded for those fighting in the Sudan
Battle of Ligny – The clash two days before Waterloo between the French and Prussians
Thompson SMG paperwork – collecting the ephemera related to the famous weapon
Bruce Bairnsfather’s Flying Fortress – the WWI artist and his work for the US Air Force in WWII
Compressed air mortar – prototype weapon seized by the US Army at the end of WWII
British infantry in the American Revolution – the organisation and element that took part in the war of 1775-1783
Improvised field weapons – what the Germans did with spare tank guns
Anson and Deeley – fathers of the boxlock which changed the face of shotguns
The Print Inspector – taking a look at an office of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers

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