The Armourer - February 2022

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Cover – The Battle of the River Plate. The first clash of WWII between the Royal Navy and the German Kriesgmarine off the coast of South America. Although it ended in success for the British, the cost was high.

On Sale: 04/01/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Cover – The Battle of the River Plate. The first naval clash of WWII as German commerce raiders are hunted down by the Royal Navy, leading the battle off the South American coast.
Athenian and Spartan armies - the makeup and organisation of the armies of the classical Greek city states. Ideal for any re-enactor or wargamer.
Soviet women soldiers - the role of women in the Red Army, the only one to deploy women in front line roles in WWII. Discover what they did and the German reaction.
The Fetterman Massacre - 10 years before Custer had his last stand, this was the other battle in the Indian Wars that resulted in the white man's cavalry being wiped out.
Dutch M78 webbing - how a small NATO nation moved on after WWII to equip it's troops. Latest in the webbing series.
Fort York in 1812 - The newly created United States eyes up British posessions in Canada and launches an attack to drive them off the continent.
British East Africa company medals - seen as something of a front for Britain's Imperial ambitions in East Africa, these were the rewards for service.
China's Kalashnikovs - In the post-WWII period, China was greatly influenced by Soviet weapons design. Here is its own version of the famous weapon and bayonet.
Collecting the River Plate - your guide to the items you can collect that commemorate the battle and life at sea.
Smatchet and the SOE - discover the unusual blade and its role in SOE and the Commandos.
Willy Messerschmitt - the life and times of the famous German fighter plane inventor and the machines he created.
The Photo Inspector - identify the elements of the uniform of a Squadron Sergeant Major of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers.

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