The Armourer - January 2022

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Cover – One of the bloodiest battles of the Crimean War as British and French forces fought to hold off an assault by an Imperial Russian Army three times their size.

On Sale: 01/12/2021

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What's in this Issue?

British 1958 Pattern Set Webbing – more Cold War accoutrements, this time with the replacement for WWII gear.
North Borneo Medals – A brace of medals from an overseas British company ruling the local population.
The Women’s Auxiliary Air Force – Inside the women’s branch of the RAF in WWII where they worked on aircraft, airfields and in intelligence.
Thompson SMG paperwork – The second part of the feature on collecting the manuals and adverts for the iconic weapon.
Japanese Type 1 Ho-No II – The Japanese self-propelled gun that tried to hold back the US in the Pacific.
Victorian military paintings – Part 2 of a look at the work of a Victorian artist and his military subjects.
A history of dog tags – They’ve been around since the time of the Romans and are used in today’s military.
MBG: The Tokarev – Discover the story of the Soviet autoloading rifle that saw action in WWII
The Print Inspector – An officer of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment comes under scrutiny.

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