The Armourer - June 2022

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Cover – The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. How British forces found themselves taking on the fearless and savage Zulu warriors to secure Imperial interests.

On Sale: 03/05/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Cover – The Anglo-Zulu War. Everyone knows the story of Rorke’s Drift but what about the wider conflict? Discover why the thin red line was up against a ferocious native army in southern Africa.
6th SS Mountain Division Nord – Inside the formation and deployment of a specialised Waffen-SS division fighting the Russians.
Cold War cameras – When fighting on the battlefield transformed into decades of paranoia, suspicion and spying on the enemy.
Warsaw Pact webbing: Second in the series on accoutrements of the Cold War, this month looking at Poland.
Wellington’s technical corps – The engineers and artillery men who served with the Duke in the Napoleonic Wars.
The Guelphic Medal – The first bravery award issued to Other Ranks in service of the British Crown.
Berlin Olympics 1936 – The Nazi sporting spectacle that was upstaged by the brilliance of Jesse Owens.
Longarms at Petrograd – As the October Revolution of 1917 got into full swing, these were the weapons being used.
Collecting the Zulu War – What you can find on the collecting market today to commemorate the campaign.
The High Seas Fleet War Badge – The award for serving on a Kriegsmarine ship that saw action or was sunk in WWII.
The Photo Inspector - More uniform examinations, this time for the 2nd (Berwickshire) Volunteer Battalion King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

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