The Armourer - March 2023

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On the over we look at The Kaiser’s Battle. The tumultuous final of the Great War started with Russia quitting and Germany pouring fresh troops into the Western Front, hoping for a decisive victory.

On Sale: 01/02/2023

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What's in this Issue?

Cover – The Kaiser’s Battle. With Russia out of the war, Germany had one final chance to land a knockout blow before the Americans deployed in WWI.
WWI webbing: Austria-Hungary – Latest in the series covers accoutrements from the twin armies.
Cities at War 4: Amsterdam - How the initially benign occupation turned deadly for the Dutch city.
The Cawnpore Massacre of 1857 – When the Indian Mutiny degenerated into the slaughter of women and children.
Men Behind the Gun: More Colt revolvers – Developments for the icon weapons.
The Deccan medal – One of the first campaign medals was awarded by the East India Company.
Books and magazines of WWII – The soldiers had to do something when not fighting, and that was reading these special editions.
The bayonet to stop the Nazi tide – After Dunkirk the British Army was in a desperate state. A new bayonet was required.
Blood Order medal – To reward those who stood with Hitler in the Beer Hall Putsch or served the NSDAP before it came to power.
Collecting the Kaiser’s Battle – The uniforms, ephemera and medals from the conflict.
British battleships of WWII – A preview of the forthcoming bookazine, Battleships of WWII.
Photo Inspector – The uniforms of Welsh Border Mounted Brigade Transport and Supply Column, Army Service Corps (Territorial Force).

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