The Armourer - May 2021

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Read the story of the Greece campaign as first the Italians were repulsed by the plucky Greekā€™s resulting in the Wehrmacht joining the fight. Within a month Commonwealth forces had been evacuated and the Germans were in full control of the Balkan oil fields.

On Sale: 01/04/2021

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What's in this Issue?

What the Editor has to say about this month’s issue as head to the Mediterranean the battle for the last British ally in Europe.

What’s happening in the world of militaria, museums, exhibitions, collections and events. This month we’re reporting on show cancellations, museum reopening plans, Churchill exhibitions and 200 years of Napoleon in exile on Elba.

Militaria for sale
Lenny Warren takes a trip around the internet in search of rare, interesting and desirable collectables.

In the sale rooms
Discover what’s coming up for auction with pistols at Marlow’s, sporting guns at Gavin Gardiner; bayonets and medals at Warwick and Warwick.

Bolingbroke Castle
One of the few places open in lockdown, the castle at Bolingbroke was under siege in the English Civil War and was the birthplace of King Henry IV. 

Under the hammer
Let’s have a look at what’s gone under the hammer in auction rooms, with medals at C&T Auctions; medals, guns and militaria at Elstob & Elstob; helmets at Ratisbon’s and more medals at DNW. 

The era of percussion pistols
John C Pursley takes a look at the ignition system that superseded flintlock firearms. It was so superior that gunmakers promptly modified their existing firearm models to percussion ignition.

Collecting WWI headgear
Gareth Prenderghast discusses uniform caps prior to WWI and their subsequent replacement by protective steel helmets.

The centenary of the Thompson
In the 100th year since they were first commercially produced, Richard Barnes has the second part of the history of the development of the Thompson SMG.

German National Sports Badge
Showing just how much emphasis the Nazi state put on physical fitness and prowess, this was a national award open that everyone was encouraged to qualify for.

Battle of Assaye 1803
More tales of the man who would become the Duke of Wellington now as Graham Priest looks at the arms and armour of the 1803 battle that followed Seringapatam.

Das Reich in Normandy
Ian Baxter recounts the story of the infamous Das Reich of the Waffen-SS, as the elite division sought to counter the invasion of France.

The first Arctic Medal
Medals awarded for some of the most demanding voyages of exploration and discovery in British maritime  history are revealed by Peter Duckers.

Stalin’s airborne gamble
The Soviet’s night-time airborne assault to force a crossing of the Dniepr River in September 1943 was a bloody disaster. Graham Caldwell investigates what went wrong.

MBG: Theodor Bergmann
John Walter looks at the career of an under-appreciated inventor from the small Bavarian town of Sailauf.

The Print Inspector
Ray Westlake looks at the uniform of a Private of the Royal Westminster Volunteers that feature a black, cocked hat and a gilt, oval cross-belt plate engraved with a crown and the title ‘ROYAL WESTMINSTER VOLUNTEERS’ around a portcullis. 

The fight for Greece
Graham Caldwell describes how Britain’s last ally in mainland Europe fell to combined German and Italian forces, despite dogged resistance from Greek and Commonwealth forces.

Collecting the invasion of Greece
Edward Hallett looks to see what militaria is currently available for a collection focussing on the battles for Greece in 1940 and 1941. There’s everything from photos and medals, to helmets and uniforms from four different armies.

Duncan Evans takes a look at the latest releases including the history of the newly formed Germany in Blood and Iron, the Castles of the War of the Roses, Bletchley Park stories in Code Breaker Girls and how Ancient Greece came unstuck in Greece Against Rome.

Your Letters
Your comments on what you’ve been reading and doing. This month we’re discussing the webbing series, a mix up of captions and the short sword often mistaken for a French machete.

Auction & Fair Diary
We are in the final part of Lockdown, so check out the online arrangements for the auctions where you can top up your militaria collection while being confined to quarters.

Thanks to our friends at Osprey Publishing we have five copies of the superb Korean Air War: Sabres, MiGs and Meteors 1950-53 up for grabs, worth £150 in total.

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