January 2018

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On Sale: 01 Dec 2017

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This month's issue features:

The Battle of the Bulge - Discover Hitler’s final offensive in the freezing Ardennes then collect the medals, SS uniforms and militaria

Gordon of Shanghai - Our man in charge as the Japanese swarmed in

16th century armour - How it struggled to survive against matchlocks

Princess Mary Christmas box - Collect the 1914 gift to the troops

Beginner’s guide to collecting - How to get the best deals and avoid fakes

Remington Derringer - The pocket-sized gun that packed a punch

Great War Medals – A set of family medals came home, thanks to this research

Vietnam recon – Out on patrol in ‘Nam with a marine recon unit during the Tet Offensive

First Carlist War – The Spaniards at loggerheads again in the original civil war

WIN! - Three Campaign-series books from Osprey. Kursk 1943, The Hindenburg Line and Shrewsbury 1403.


Available on Friday 1st December 2017