The Armourer - July 2017

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D-Day: Operation Overlord

Follow the action on D-Day as the troops storm the beaches of Normandy, then discover the collectable medals, helmets, uniforms and gear. Also, get inside a British tank as it came ashore and find out what militaria you can collect.


Interview with SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper who fought on the Eastern Front, Italy and in the Ardennes Offensive. Find out what he had to say about the war in the east, German armour in the Battle of the Bulge and of course, the Malmédy Massacre.

Birth of a legendary revolver

Discover the story of Samuel Colt and how he came to develop the classic Colt Patternson pistol.

Battle of Trafalgar

What firearms and bayonets did the opposing British and French forces use at Trafalgar, the battle that sealed Nelson’s reputation and shattered French naval ambition?

Auction news

What’s coming up for sale in the showrooms and what prices have been realised in sales last month. Plus bargains at fairs and online.

Belgian SAFN

The development of the semi-automatic rifle from Belgium that was deployed around the world. How collectable are they today?

German P38 pistol

The most popular handgun in the German army and a prized trophy for the Allied forces.

Two sisters at war

How the glamorous White Star Liners were pressed into service as troop transports in WWI and what you can collect today.

Plus all the regulars: Militaria news, book reviews, festival and auction diaries, a trip to IWM Duxford, readers’ militaria, your letters and D-Day tours.