The Armourer - July 2023

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Fighting on the Korean peninsula escalates into a major war as China goes head-to-head with USA, British and United Nations forces.

On Sale: 01/06/2023

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What's in this Issue?


What the Editor has to say about this month’s issue as we look at the Korean War which rapidly escalated into a battle between the forces of communism and democracy.

What’s happening in the world of militaria shows, museums and exhibitions. This month we’re looking at the Chalke Valley History Festival and how an RAF museum has saved a VC for the nation.


In the sale rooms
Here's a look at what's coming up for auction with Third Reich militaria at Ratisbon’s and some interesting classic arms and armour at Apollo Auctions.

Under the hammer
Let’s have a look at what’s gone under the hammer in auction rooms, with firearms and pre-1914 orders from Herman Historica, medals at Tennants and fancy guns at Gavin Gardiner. 


WWI webbing: Ottoman Empire
Ed Hallett’s series on the accoutrements of WWI armies comes to a conclusion with a look at the gear of that forgotten power, the Ottoman Empire.

NSDAP propaganda posters
The control of the German public under Hitler was absolute and to re-enforce the Party message propaganda was used extensively. Here are some of the posters from the time.

Rifle Volunteer badges
The first in a series of features on collecting the vast array of badges that were used by the divisions of the Rifle Volunteers.

Maida Gold medal
Peter Duckers has the story of the medal awarded for an early victory on the Napoleonic Wars when Britain astonishingly took control of Corsica.

Australia Women’s Army Service
Time to head down under to see how Australia’s women were signed up for military service in order to free up manpower for the front lines.

Breech-loading wheellock pistol
Neil Melville checks out the operation and design of a technically innovative and ingenious 16th century pistol.

Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge
Another air force badge for the forces fighting in places other than the air. This time it was for actual ground combat.

What became of the Royal George?
It’s a rhetorical question, the ship, which sank in 1782, was salvaged and a variety of interesting artefacts were made from the wreckage.

WWI Tank Corp tapestry
Richard Fuller describes two unusual WWI collectables that reference the first appearance of tanks on the battlefield.

The Photo Inspector
Ray Westlake looks at the uniform and insignia of a Private of the 7th Battalion Manchester Regiment.


Korean War
Mark Simner examines the first hot conflict of the Cold War that took place in 1950-1953 as communist North Korea invaded the democratic South, dragging in the United Nations, America and then China.

Collecting the Korean War
Edward Hallett looks at collecting some of the militaria related to the various forces that took part in the rapidly escalating conflict in south east Asia.


Militaria reviews
Duncan Evans takes a look at some of the latest releases including Battle of the Beams, Knowing the Enfield, Centuries will not suffice and Leyte Gulf.

Letters/Next month
Here is what you’ve been writing in about this month and it concerns a plan to flood Flanders in WWI and some thoughts on the Lebel rifle and bayonet by a French soldier who used them.

Auction & Fair Diary
Check out the online arrangements for the auctions where you can top up your militaria collection and what fairs are open.

Thanks to our friends at Osprey Publishing, we have three sets of prizes to give away. You can win copies of Leyte Gulf, The Panzers of Prokhorovka and US Soldier v Chinese Soldier in the Korean war.

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