The Armourer March 2018

Digital issue available only ...

On Sale: 01 Feb 2018

£4.99 Single Issue

Cover feature – The Chindits – Special ops in the jungles of Asia (WWII)

Far East medals – what British awards were available

Jungle raider kit – British uniform feature

K-Ration pack – collecting the ration pack they were issued with


Classic arms:

British in Beunos Aires – pre-1900 expeditionary force

Sporting gun – Gavin Gardiner regular shotgun or game shooting rifle

Battle of the Boyne – weapons and history

Military ciggy cards – collecting cards of Crimean-era troops

La Mola fortress in Spain


Other features:

Belgians in the Congo – Cold War action

Wound Stripes on uniforms – WWI uniform collecting

Haight fist gun – the peculiar multi-barrelled handgun

National ID card – British WWII collectable ID cards

Pauline Gower of the ATA – pioneering woman pilot

Infantry Assault Badge – Nazi award in detail



Availble in the shops 1 February 2018